John Tavares

John has 20 years of experience commercializing and scaling B2B platforms, including Enso Financial Analytics. He played a critical role in building and scaling Galaxy Digital’s OTC electronic markets and was formerly the COO at CrossTower.

CEO & Co-founder

Pratik shah

Pratik is an expert in FX, swaps, and emerging markets. He has built and launched electronic platforms, and has 20 years of experience trading at major banks. He was most recently the CIO at CrossTower.


Chris kohler

Chris has 20 years of experience in institutional investing, sustainability consulting, and capital raising. As a growth leader, Chris helped raise more than $60 million at a digital assets hedge fund and more recently helped scale and institutionalize the digital assets prime brokerage, FalconX, $8 billion valuation (2022).

Head of corporate partnerships

Keith henthorn

Keith has 30+ years of experience leading corporate sales divisions and partnering with CFOs at Fortune 500 companies. He pioneered FX micropayments for companies including Amazon, eBay, and Paypal.



Jose (Pepe) Ruiz

Since the age of 23 when he first became a partner of a Wall Street firm he created several successful trading franchises. Jose continues his journey by working deep in the blockchain space putting theory into practice. He is currently the president of DEFX a decentralized exchange built for the future.


Andrew ross

An Investment Banker at Regiment Securities, Andrew brings over 30 years of experience from public and private sectors. As Illinois' former COO under Governor Pat Quinn, he managed a $31 billion capital program and influenced state renewable energy policies.


Andrew noll

With a strong background in renewable markets and an MBA from Cornell and Queen's University, Andrew has excelled at Sol Systems by implementing strategies that maximize client value in the renewable energy sector, overseeing more than 200 successful transactions.


Innovo Markets (Innovo) is on a mission to improve the efficiency of how renewable energy certificates (RECs) are transacted within the renewable energy financial markets (ReFi).

RECs are the currency of ReFi. Innovo can seamlessly connect ReFi participants, including corporations, power producers, brokers, and regional energy registries, using distributed ledger technology (DLT) on the backend of our B2B software platform, The genesis of Innovo is rooted in society’s increasing demand for electricity. This is evident in the exponential use of AI compute, the electrification of everything, and the growth in the number of data centers. Powered by DLT, Innovo's platform improves transparency and creates standardization for REC assets online, all while increasing security and cutting costs. By using smart contracts to help corporations, power producers, and brokers transact RECs from origination to retirement, we achieve three tangible benefits:

    1. Significant reduction in fees by up to 95%
    2. Transaction times are reduced from 30+ days to a few clicks
    3. Transparent, immutable records for attestations, audits, and reporting

With a team of 12, and an executive staff of 5 leading the way, Innovo is a seasoned team that has successfully digitized outdated markets and scaled startups.


Clean energy has been a priority as countries look to collaborate in hopes to reduce global emissions, convert to clean sources of energy, and limit the temperature rise. Major companies are doing their part, making promises that their business operations will be 100% green by 2040 according to the Climate Pledge. Ambitious, because a business can only reduce a certain amount of carbon from their scope 1 emissions that are core to their revenue streams. This notion of green by 2040 is only possible through the EPA’s scope 2, which highlights RECs. Through this, companies are able to purchase RECs from green power producers, equivalent to MWh’s of electricity sent to the grid, to counteract the non-green electricity they consume. Through business incentives like the Inflation Reduction Act investing over $370 billion in climate tech, and major improvements in clean energy like solar, wind, and hydro, the REC market is finding its stride.

At Innovo, we see a $20 billion renewable energy market with 80% underserved. With that in mind, by 2030 the potential total market size is expected to be worth $110 billion, a 587% rise from 2022. The growth is projected to be immense for various reasons. The first being from consumer behavior and climate awareness. 2023 research from Mckinsey & Company revealed that businesses that make sustainability claims have achieved disproportionate sales growth. Furthermore the RE100 global corporate renewable energy initiative brings together hundreds of large and ambitious companies committed to 100% renewable energy. The current bottleneck that restricts proper transaction of value in the renewables space is exactly what Innovo aims to solve; to provide the REC market with adequate technological tools to operate effectively.